The “Virtual Carpological Herbarium” is an online collection of 3D models of fruits and seeds. The collection includes mostly native plant species in Hong Kong. Currently, more than 500 models have been published.

All the 3D models were reconstructed by photogrammetric method. The 3D models from PH056 onwards were carpological parts of newly collected and authenticated specimens, which documented their prime stage for further studies.

The 3D model can be moved and rotated freely by dragging on the interface. Most of the macroscopic details could be observed when the 3D model is magnified.

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Wang HL, Wong TH, Chan YM, Cheng YS, Lau DTW (2022). Photogrammetric reconstruction of 3D carpological collection in high resolution for plants authentication and species discovery. PLOS ONE,

Acknowledgement 鳴謝:

Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation Native Plant Resources and Database in Hong Kong