Date Issue
17 April 2024 [Newsletter No.8]

12th Shiu-Ying Hu Day

18 Aug 2023 [Newsletter No.7]

New books by the Shiu-Ying Hu Herbarium

4 Nov 2022 [Newsletter No.6]

STEAM Education Scheme: Incense Tree Conservation on Campus

4 April 2022 [Newsletter No.5]

10th anniversary of the establishment of the Shiu-Ying Hu Herbarium

15 February 2022 [Newsletter No.4]

Botanical Art Competition 2022

03 December 2021 [Newsletter No.3]

Strolling Through the Time Tunnel Telling the Inheritance of Herbarium

20 July 2021 [Newsletter No.2]

STEM Education Learning, Teaching and Assessment Series:
How to Conduct Plant-related STEM Learning Activities in Junior Secondary Science and Primary General Studies

12 July 2021 [Newsletter No.1]

Collection of Professor Shiu-Ying HU exhibited at the University Gallery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong